September 2023
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Don't miss Supplier Day 2023!
Supplier Day 2023 will take place on 28 September, and this year the event will be 100 percent percent digital. Our focus this year is on good cooperation, mutual trust as a basis for better business. But there´s lots more on offer too, of course.
The final part of the West Coast Line will be upgraded to a double-track line
Helsingborg ranks as the 8th most populous city in Sweden. Positioned at the narrowest point of the Öresund, it is separated from Denmarks’s Helsingör by a mere 3 750 meters.  
Maria–Helsingborg constitutes a segment of the West Coast Line, which spans from Malmö to Gothenburg and onward to Oslo. In the early 1990s, a government decision mandated the transformation of the West Coast Line into a double-track system. Although the majority of the line has already undergone this upgrade, the section encompassing Maria and Helsingborg remains a single-track.
The stretch between Maria and Helsingborg Central Station is a 4,5 km long single-track railway that runs through a tunnel, a coastal area close to the city center, and the nature reserve of Pålsjö Forest.
The project is currently in its initial phase, with plans to initiate a localization study in the beginning of 2024. This study is scheduled to commence in the summer of 2024 and continue until 2027. It will explore various corridor options, both tunnel and ground-level. The project aims to collaborate closely with the municipality of Helsingborg to determine the most suitable corridor for the double-track expansion.
The project’s website is under construction and will be published with more information in due time.
Is it your company that will build Hallsberg–Stenkumla?
The project Hallsberg–Degerön will procure a major construction contract, Hallsberg–Stenkumla, comprising earth works for 13 km railway, a number of bridges and a tunnel. Volume appr 300 million Euros. The project has earlier planned to start prequalification of suppliers in September. The time schedule is now adjusted and prequalification will start in November/December, and in April 2024 the prequalified suppliers will be invited to tender.

Contact: Procurement officer Johan Sundin,
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