June 2023
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Supplier Days 2023
Supplier Day 2023 will take place on 28 September, and this year the event will be 100 percent digital. Our focus this year is on good cooperation and mutual trust as a basis for better business. But there’s lots more to offer of course. Later this autumn the day will be followed up with Regional Supplier Days. Then you got an opportunity to meet and talk with our representants.
Trafikverket's productivity work – large investments require smart businesses
Infrastructure costs account for a large part of the state budget. According to The Swedish Transport Administration’s national plan 799 Swedish crowns is to be invested in the transport system up to 2033.
East Link will announce two contracts, estimated sum is 1,5 billion SEK
In the end of the year the East Link will announce two contracts in the most northern part, Gerstaberg.
The main project includes railway works and multiple bridges. One of the bridges will be a fly-over bridge over the existing Main Line, see picture below. The project will build a 3 km long new train connection according to detail design. The work also includes cutting and embankment.
The procurement of the main contract will start around October this year with a prequalification of a small number of companies that will be invited to tender in December. Estimated contract is 1, 5 billion SEK.
The other contract, for power supply, will include detailed design and built for new construction to connect the East Link's new overhead contact lines with existing overhead contact lines on the Western Main Line. The procurement of the project for power supply will start in the end of the year. Estimated contract is 300 million SEK.
In January 2023, the Swedish Transport Administration cancelled the contract with the previous contractor for the project.
Project Haga within the West Link Project is being procured again, now in five parts
During the spring, intensive work has been going on to develop how the project is to be procured again. The project is now divided into five parts. There are four construction contracts, of which prequalification is ongoing for the Rosenlund sub-project.
At the end comes an installation contract that runs through the entire project.
The division is made, among other things, because there are different conditions in each part and the Swedish Transport Administration is looking for the right contractor to solve the specific challenges.
The sub-projects Vasastan and Otterhällan are performance contracts in rock that will be procured in 2023.
After these comes the Stora Hamnkanalen sub-project, which is a slightly smaller contract where a concrete tunnel in clay is to be built.
The procurements will take place continuously during 2023 and 2024. For more information and current times for each business opportunity for the West Link Project, see our procurement plan.
The ”Vändspår Lerum” project
Background and objective
The project is one of Trafikverket’s (Swedish Transport Administration’s) measures on the Gothenburg–Skövde line to increase capacity. The goal is to enable more trains to operate the line, especially during times of peak traffic hours to increase operational reliability.
The objective of the project Vändspår Lerum (”Turnback track Lerum”) is to enable long-distance trains to pass stationary commuter trains and to allow commuter trains to reverse direction without crossing the track carrying through trains.
Scope of work
The project comprises rebuilding of Lerum station (track, electricity, signal, tele, communication and ground) to a four-track station with a new fourth track between the motorway E20 and the existing track 3. In connection with the rebuilding of the station, exchange of switchgears to switchgear 95 and re-definition of station area boundaries will be performed. Catenary lines will be rebuilt completely and prepared for AT-system. Extensive noise reduction measures (noise barriers close to the railway) are also included in the project.
The implementation of the contract work is complex in an urban environment close to a highly trafficked railway and motorway. Hence, the project is conducting investigations as a risk mitigation measure prior to the start of the procurement contractor phase.
Procurement facts
Negotiated procedure according to LUF (Law on procurement in the utilities sector).
Tenderers need to be prequalified in the prequalification system “TransQ” under code 9.1.1 (Rail specific works).
Qualified tenderers will be invited to submit tenders in the autumn 2023.
Production period will take place from year 2024–2026.
More information about the project and the upcoming procurement can be found at the websites:
Contact person: Per Nyhlén, per.nyhlen@trafikverket.se, mobile: +46 072-143 55 54
The Nordic Construction Market Seminar
24.8.2023 in Stockholm
The Nordic Road Association’s (NVF) working group Nordic Construction Market is arranging an open seminar on procurement and the Nordic market: What does the market look like? What is happening in the Nordic countries today and what is developing in each country? Join the seminar to find out! You take part of a full day programme, containing
Key figures on the Nordic Construction Market. Common figures for the whole Nordic region, future visions 3-4 years ahead and investment volumes.
New procurement models including relational contracting and other new procurement trends, such as Best Value Procurement and Early Contractor Involvement.
Our changing world, how do we manage the current and future situation, with regards to e.g., energy pricing, availability of materials? Presentations from each country
This is a day for anyone who is interested in, Procurement models in the Nordic countries, The Nordic Road Construction Market; Current volumen and future plans.
Register you today! There is limited number of participants, and it´s no fee to participate. You will be served lunch and coffee.
Place and time: The Swedish Transport Administration, Solna Strandväg 98, Solna, Sweden.
Thursday 24.8. 2023. 9:00–16.00.
Please register by sending an email to frida.reinikka@ramboll.fi with your name, title, and organization. Register before 14.8.2023.
Planned Procurements
You keep track of our upcoming procurements, right? Here you will find the list of current business opportunities!
Supplier market analyses
The Swedish Transport Administration is one of Sweden's largest developers and employers; we run 2,500 building and construction projects every year. Here you will find our supplier market analysis for 2022.
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