December 2023
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Daniel LJunglund. Photo: Elin Gårdestig
Thank you for this year!
It has been an eventful year in which we have taken great strides forward to become the suppliers' first choice. At the same time, we focus on reciprocity in our business. We want to work with all of you who deliver, who put quality in focus and who always secure the work environment. Of course, we are all part of the entire societal transformation with the climate in focus. The Swedish Transport Administration will always be based on the state's core values, but at the same time we understand the driving forces for companies.
We hope you notice the move. Among other things, we are developing our forms of cooperation. One way in which this will be noticed more and more is that we conduct early market dialogues, partly to get input and partly to understand the market's conditions. This leads to developed business forms, but also to better predictability in our business.
We will continue to work next year with what we are already working on. We are doing a lot, but we are not satisfied. Business forms have already been mentioned and we will, for example, continue to work on cooperation, clarity and quick decisions. The dialogue with your suppliers is very important. During the year, we held a digital supplier day, where over 700 of you took part. We followed this up with physical regional days where you got to meet many of our projects around the country. There were around 1200 of you that we met! Great! Thank you for the great turnout that was – at all our supplier days.
Now we are about to enter a new year. We are again seeing increased business volumes. In order to fulfil our social mission, we need to continue to strengthen our work together. My hope and ambition is that we will take further steps – as the Swedish Transport Administration, as companies and together. Then we become the first choice for each other.  
Thank you for this year and with the wishes of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  
Daniel Ljunglund, Purchasing Director
Photo: Berggren
The Swedish Transport Administration begins procurement of gigantic contracts for the East Link 
The East Link is Sweden's largest infrastructure investment in modern times. The project is now entering a new phase when the first gigantic contracts will be procured in the order of around SEK 10 billion, so-called volume contracts.
Are you a supplier of control and monitoring systems for Electric Roads?
Sweden's first permanent electric road is to be built on the E20 between Hallsberg and Örebro. Therefore, we plan to procure and establish a new system for monitoring the new electric road and its distribution network.
In the project Gävle–Kringlan we will build new double track north of Gävle. ©Lantmäteriet geodatasamverkan
Meetings about the Project GävleKringlan
The project Gävle–Kringlan is part of a larger programme whose goal is to enhance the capacity for railway traffic on the East Coast line in Sweden by building new double tracks.  
Facts about the project:
New double track for the East Coast Line northwards from the city Gävle
New double track for the ”Bergslagbanan” line westwards from Gävle
New passenger station ”Gävle Västra” west of the city
Reconstruction of a motorway junction
In total 55 km double track and 10 km single track
40–50 new bridges
Construction 20272036
Start of first contract procurement appr 2026
Preparation of the contracting strategy will start in 2024. To get the view of the contractors Trafikverket will arrange a market dialogue 11–15 March 2024.
This will have the form of individual 1-hour meetings at Trafikverket´s office in Gävle or as digital meetings.
Example of topics
Contract form
Packaging of civil works and railway installations
Contract size
Collaboration Buyer/Contractor
If you want to participate in the dialogue please contact Procurement Manager, Mr Johan Sundin,
Note: This market dialogue is not part of the upcoming procurement process and participation does not mean any commitment from either Trafikverket or the companies.
Bohusbanan – a railway line where we need to renew the standard of the overhead contact line system
Bohusbanan is a railway line between Gothenburg and Strömstad, and commuter trains and freight trains operate on it daily. The overhead contact line system between Uddevalla and Strömstad was established in 1950, and it is in generally poor condition, as well as the overhead contact line system at Uddevalla railway yard. Due to this, the risk of disturbance is substantial. The platform for track 2a3a in Uddevalla is low and uneven, which implies difficulties to board and disembarking from trains. It is not accessible to passengers with reduced mobility and is a safety risk for all passengers when boarding and alighting from a train.
The objective of the project
The objective of the project is to renew the standard of the overhead contact line system and convert to AT-system (Auto Transformer system). Improvements at the platform 2a3a are expected to lead to a more reliable facility, increased traffic safety for train passengers and a station environment that is adapted to meet accessibility requirements.
Scope of work:
Replacement of Overhead contact line system Uddevalla–Strömstad, including Uddevalla railway yard.
Adaptation of platform 2a3a at Uddevalla railway yard to meet accessibility requirements.
Multiduct operation facilitity RabbalshedeStrömstad.
Contract form:
A performance contract (bill of quantities) according to AB04 (General Conditions of Contract for Building and Civil Engineering Works and Building Services).
Budget: 300500 million SEK (approx.).
Contract length: 4 years (approx.).
Negotiated procedure according to LUF (Law on procurement in the utilities sector).   
Tenderers need to be prequalified in the prequalification system “TransQ” under code 9.1.1 (Rail specific works).
Qualified tenderers will be invited to submit tenders in the winter/spring (Quarter 1) of 2024.
Production period will take place from year 20242026.
Contact person
Cecilia Thornström,, +46 076 496 61 47
Trafikverket, Box 810, SE-781 28 Borlänge +46 771-921 921
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