February 2024
Business News
Swedish Transport Administration should be first choice for suppliers
Trafikverket should be attractive to attractive partners. We should be the first choice for our suppliers. Patrick Guné, Director of Division Major Projects, and Daniel Ljunglund, Director of Purchasing and Logistics, explain why this is a priority goal.
Photo: Kasper Dudzik
Becoming suppliers’ first choice with new business models – the East Link project as an example
When the East Link project procures its major contracts, suppliers are involved early on in the process in order to capitalise on their experience and produce compelling tender documents.
Photo: johner.se/Hans Berggren
The Swedish Transport Administration begins procurement of gigantic contracts for the East Link
The East Link Project will procure consultancy services, design assignments and construction contracts during several years. This page presents our procurements, as well as information on how to become a supplier, and how the procurement process works.
Photo: johner.se
The Swedish Transport Administration has decided on new ways of working together for contractors and consultants
Goodbye “Collaboration basic” and “Collaboration high”. Trafikverket is now launching a new guideline for collaboration. A guideline that contributes to good joint deliveries and that it should be fun to go to work.
Photo: Stellan Stephenson
Don't miss the business opportunities Ostlänken – Gerstaberg – a power supply contract
During spring 2024 the East Link will announce an invitation to apply for a tender for a power supply contract in the most northern part, Gerstaberg. The project includes a detailed design and construction of a new switchgear center to connect the East Link's new overhead contact lines with existing overhead contact lines on the Western Main Line.  A power line of approximately 12 kilometres as well as the adjustment of a substation are included in the project. Estimated contract is calculated to 100-200 million SEK.
Illustration: The Swedish Transport Administration
Prequalification for civil works contract between Hallsberg and Stenkumla
We are gradually building a double track along the Hallsberg–Degerön route, and have recently started building between Hallsberg and Stenkumla. We have announced the prequalification for the civil works contract including bridges and a tunnel.
Illustration: The Swedish Transport Administration
Market dialogue about the projects TSE201 and TSE203
The projects TSE201 and TSE203 is part of The Södertörn Crosslink Project, which is a new route in southern Stockholm. The road, which will be approximately twenty km long, stretches from E4/E20 at Vårby backe in the vicinity of Kungens kurva to road 73 at the Jordbro motorway junction in the municipality of Haninge. The project also includes a bicycle route/pedestrian path running alongside the road.
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