May 2024
Business News
Illustration: Trafikverket
Progressing work with Nyköping Secondary Line
The Swedish Transport Administration recently finalized the railway plan for Nyköping Secondary Line, marking a significant milestone for the East Link project. The branch line section serves as a connection between the East Link mainline railway, Nyköping Travel Centre and Skavsta Airport Station.
Photo: Hans Berggren, Johnér
Supplier Day 2024
Webinar: The Swedish Transport Administration’s supplier day September 27
Listen to how we continue our work to become the first choice for suppliers! But - we have much more on the agenda.
Regional Supplier Days 2024
Welcome to the Regional Supplier Days for 2024. As usual, we’ll be holding events in many cities all over Sweden, and we hope you can find one to suit you.
Photo: Ulf Rydh
Unique Swedish work with new truck front to save more motorists' lives
Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration) has crash-tested a new more energy-absorbing truck front developed by Chalmers University of Technology. And the test shows measurable results.
Clarifications of tenders
From April 2024, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) applies extended opportunities for corrections, clarifications and additions to tenders.
Assortment management in contract agreements
In contract procurements, reference is made to agreements signed by the Swedish Transport Administration. This applies to the supply of technically approved material via the Swedish Transport Administration and the disposal of unserviceable wooden sleepers.
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